The Evolution Tower is a multi-functional, graceful and spinning skyscraper located on the third section of the Moscow International Business Center. In its unique form, it resembles a DNA molecule, and due to its recognizable appearance, the tower has become a symbol of modern business Moscow.

The unusual appearance of the building was achieved due to the rotation of each next floor by 3 degrees relative to the previous one, as a result, from the first to the last floor, the tower makes a revolution of 135 degrees. The facade is uniquely smooth thanks to cold glazing technology. An interesting fact that the Moscow skyscraper boasts a record is the largest cold-formed facade in the world, which can claim to be entered in the Guinness Book of Records.

STI company carried out a full range of work on all floors of the tower:

- design of all engineering systems;

- electric installation work;

- installation of ventilation systems, heat and cold supply;

- installation of water supply and sewage systems;

- installation of smoke removal systems, automatic fire extinguishing systems;

- general construction and finishing work;

- installation of all front spotlights;

- installation of all indoor lighting fixtures.

STI also implemented and launched New Year's scenarios of light lighting for the coming 2020, given the possibility of configuring the installed pixels on the very facade of the tower.

A successfully implemented set of works on such a complex object as the Evolution Tower is the work of our specialists - this once again proves that STI is able to carry out the complex and creative tasks set by the Customer!