A private house in Zavidovo is a vivid example of how modern architecture can conduct a fruitful dialogue with the surrounding natural landscape. Intuitive and thoughtful, energetic and compliant - depending on the circumstances.

The residential house, built by the STI on the picturesque bank of the Volga, simultaneously subordinates space and decorates it, setting new directions for the natural landscape and emphasizing its "strong" sides.

Functional component of the Zwydi residence is a living space with four bedrooms, two spacious living rooms and a swimming pool.

The form of the house is a constant dialogue with external elements: water and wind. Extensive panoramic windows give the opportunity to economically expend energy, using the sunlight. The crushed stone facing of the foundation "splices" the house with the ground. The house on the bank of the Volga is decorated with mosaics (reference to the artistic manifesto of modernism) and pergolas (reminiscence of ancient architecture).

Residential house in Zavidovo takes from nature a maximum and pays it the same.